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2.2 – TreePress Options Screen

This section allows you to define what information is displayed in your tree.

Display Page Tab 2


Wrap Names

Wrapping names allows names to be split onto two lines.  The effect will look something like this:

Toggle Wrap Names
Fig. 2 – Toggle Wrap Names On and Off



Only Show First Name

Toggle option to show/hide family name results in this:

Toggle Surnames
Fig. 3 – Toggle Surnames On and Off

Show Living Dates

Toggle option to show/hide dates for living family members results in this:

Dates for Living Family Members
Fig. 4 – Toggle Dates for Living Family Members


Show Only Year

Toggle option to show only the year for dates results in this:


Toggle Year
Fig. 5 – Toggle Year / Full Date


Change Date Prefixes

You can enter any text as a prefix for the Date or Birth and Date for Death, so for example, your tree can include ‘Birth’ or ‘b’.

Change Date Prefixes
Fig. 6 – Change Date Prefixes for Births and Deaths


Show Spouce

You can show/hide spouces:

Show or Hide Spouces
Fig. 7 – Show or Hide Spouces


Show Only One Spouce

You can show/hide additional spouces:

Additional Spouces
Fig. 8 – Show or Hide Additional Spouces


Show/Hide Gender

You can show/hide gender:

Fig. 9 – Show or Hide Gender



2.2 – TreePress Options Screen